Working Professionals who have ADHD...


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"All I wanted was to feel normal..."

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"I had found a community of people that struggle like me and that understand me, their presence made me want to start and complete things so that I could share them.

My wins were wins to them, where they may not seem to be to other neurotypical people."


Mamta, Business Consultant, California

Productivity Transformation Academy 2.0

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  • The 8% Productivity Habit, my proven four-part system for pain-free ADHD productivity 
  • Access to Q&A coaching calls over the next 6 months
  • Get our Success Team Easy Accountability Method (STEAM) where we pair you up with teammates for an effective and fun eight-week team challenges


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 "I love being able to just prioritize life and health and family, because I'm feeling way more on top of work and all the other small deliverables that come up in day-to-day life, like beyond just work. Yeah, it's allowed me to really just enjoy myself a bit more."


Ali, Software Salesperson, Canada

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